Truecaller bot telegram | How to use step by step.

Hello friends !! how are you all ?? This tutorial is about 

truecaller bot telegram or truecaller bot in telegram. 

What is Truecaller?

Truecaller is an Android and iOS app that tells people who is making calls on the phone. Truecaller can come in handy to protect against cunning telemarketers, spam calls or cheating.

True caller can use their information to collect contact information from users and various providers to distinguish spam and secure calls. 

Truecaller is a very useful app to know the identity of an unfamiliar caller along with spam calls.

Truecaller basically identifies the number with the phone book of all users. In the eyes of many, this is a privacy issue. 

However, Truecaller's alternative fair VAR to find out the identity of the unknown caller.
Is Truecaller app free?

The Truecaller app can be downloaded and used for free. However, to use some premium features and stop advertising, you need to buy a paid plan.

Read what is truecaller in details.

What is truecaller bot telegram ?

Simply if I say these are the bots which can identify unknown or fraud numbers as like as truecaller app. 

Telegram truecaller bot link:

How to use truecaller bot telegram ?

here I will show you how to use number 1 truecaller bot. 
step 1: 
Go to telegram app and open it. 
then srearch the bot name I provided you above or click the bot link.
truecaller bot telegram

steps 2:
then click start for starting the bot.
truecaller bot telegram

step 3 : 
write /login then enter.
truecaller bot telegram

step 4: Enter your phone number with country code for login. 
then an OTP will send to your provided number. For getting OTP you have to whatsapp account in same mobile number. 
[ NB: if you dont have whatsapp account in the same number you will not get the OTP ]
truecaller bot telegram

step 5 : 
After providing OTP you can check any unknown number. If it available in truecaller database you can identify the person. 
truecaller bot telegram

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